Edit Panel

Flying screens

Any text on the page can become editable by simply wrapping it in an EditPanel. Comes with image and video management

Admin Panel

Flying screens

Create new pages instantly. Build a menu and see it update right before your eyes


Flying screens

Upload, edit, catalog, and maintain images and videos.

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Kurkulis Content Management Suite for .NET

Kurkulis is an easy to implement content management system for .NET. It is designed to fit within your application instead of learning a system to fit your application into. Kurkulis can add content management to any pre-existing ASP.NET application by simply dragging and dropping a few tags. The Kurkulis Suite utilizes ASP Masterpages to allow creation of new pages on the fly completely stored in data. Edit panel supports multiple, simultaneous uploads of images and videos to be quickly inserted into your content. Insert a video directly or a zoomable thumbnail that opens the movie in a dialog with no watermarks and no Youtube.
  • Edit Content
  • Create Pages
  • upload Videos
  • Media Gallery
  • Google Maps
  • Single Dll
  • SqlServer, Mysql, SqlLite

In this video:
  • No pre-setup of the solution was done.  
  • An edit panel is dragged onto the page and placed around some content.
  • A login control is added to allow logging into the site for the editing features.   Normally this would be done on a separate page.