Admin Panel


Preview, Edit, Layout

Admin Panel works under 3 different modes: Preview, Edit Site, and Layout. Preview displays all the content the way a vistor would see it. Edit Site turn each component into its respective Admin mode. This would mean allowing text within an Edit Panel to be edited. Layout mode enables the DTISortables on the page allowing content to be rearranged.

Tool Box

The tool box is displayed when the Admin Panel is in layout mode and it contains various items to add content to any DTISortable on the page. Items can be dragged over and placed within a sortable. When going into Admin mode each item will be displayed in its respective admin mode to change it's content.

List of Tool Box Items

Recycle Bin

Any item in a DTISortable can be removed and placed into the Recycle Bin. These items can be moved in and out of the recycle bin at anytime retaining the same content as when they where deleted. The recycle bin is only displayed when the admin panel is in Layout Mode.

Page List

  • Add Dynamic Pages
  • Define Menu Structure
  • Change Page properties on the fly
  • Copy Pages

A new page can be added at anytime and given its own masterpage. Each page will have its very own static URL. At any time the page's title, description, and name can be changed. Upon creation each page has one DTISortable per ContentPlaceHolder of the masterpage. Located in each DTISortable is an Edit Panel. These two items together allow the site administrator to rearrange and edit any content they wish. Pages can also be duplicated at any time to create template pages or to slightly readjust content for another section of the website. Any page from the pages tree can be dragged over and placed into the Menu Items tree to define a menu structure. Once a DTIMenu object is placed on the page any subset of the menu structure in Menu Items can be displayed back to the user.

<%@ Register Assembly="Kurkulis" Namespace="DTIAdminPanel" TagPrefix="cc1" %> 
<cc1:DTIAdminPanel ID="AdminPanel" runat="server" />
  Type Default
EditOn Boolean false
Sets the Admin mode to Edit. Show all components in Admin Mode
LayoutOn Boolean false
Sets the admin Mode to Layout allowing items to be re-ordered
LoggedIn Boolean false
Determines if the Admin panel is rendered on the page
adminImageUrl String /res/DTIAdminPanel/admin.png
sets Url to override Admin Panel Image
adminImageHeight and adminImageWidth need to be set too if changing the adminImageURL
adminImageHeight Unit 39px
Height for the Admin Panel image
adminImageWidth Unit 161px
Width of the Admin Panel Image
FixedScrollPosition Boolean false
Keeps Admin panel at top of page during scrolling
menuImageUrl String /res/DTIAdminPanel/Toolbox.png
Sets the Url for to override the menu image
menuImageHeight and menuImageWidth need to be set too if changing the menuImageUrl
menuImageHeight Unit 161
Height for the Admin Panel image
menuImageWidth Unit 39
width for the Admin Panel image
recycImageUrl String /res/DTIAdminPanel/RecycleBin.png
Sets the Url for to override the menu image
recycImageHeight and recycImageWidth need to be set too if changing the recycImageUrl
recycImageHeight Unit 161
Height for the Admin Panel image
recycImageWidth Unit 39
width for the Admin Panel image
CssTheme String default
Sets theme so all css can be overridden
Id int
PageName varchar(400)
DTIContentManagerID int
MasterPage varchar(200)
MainID bigint
Link varchar(50)
AdminOnly bit
UsersOnly bit
PartentID int
SortOrder int
Template int
Id int
DisplayName varchar(400)
DTIDynamicPage int
ParentID int
MainID bigint
isHidden bit
SortOrder int