DTI's Gallery component allows you to quickly display any information you wish in a paged format. The gallery provides a wide array of options to create an extendable custom experience including some pre-built classes for managing videos and images. The component uses a custom jQuery plugin utilizing AJAX for seamless transitions between pages.

The gallery is capable of leveraging DTI's powerful media management system to allow administrators and, optionally, users to upload, edit, catalog, and maintain images and videos. For example, the pre-built social gallery, displayed above, has built-in optional support to search, rate, and link media to social sites.


  • Easily extendable to fit your needs
  • Built-in support for searching by title, description, and tags - also extendable
  • Built-in support for user ratings
  • Each item has a unique URL, useful for social media
  • Built-in support for social media linking
  • Page preloading for quick transitions
  • Zoomable images and videos
  • Easily customizable directly from the web - no need to touch code or the server
  • Show meta information on the thumbnail or the caption of the expanded media, or both

<%@ Register Assembly="Kurkulis" Namespace="DTIGallery" TagPrefix="cc1" %>

<cc1:dtisocialgallery id="demoGallery" runat="server"></cc1:dtisocialgallery>

  Type Default
WaitingImageURL String  
GalleryWidth Unit  
GalleryHeight Unit  
MyGallery Gallery  
ShowSearching Boolean False
jsonControl DTIAjax.ajaxServerControl  
ShowPaging Boolean True
ShowFirstAndLastButtons Boolean True
CSS_File String  
ShowUpload Boolean  
TotalPages Int  
CurrentPage Int  
Back_Button_CSSClass String  
Forward_Button_CSSClass String  
First_Button_CSSClass String  
Last_Button_CSSClass String  
Page_Button_CSSClass String  
Page_Textbox_CSSClass String  
Pages_Label_CSSClass String  
Back_Button_Image_URL String  
Forward_Button_Image_URL String  
First_Button_Image_URL String  
Last_Button_Image_URL String  
Page_Button_Image_URL String  
CurrentPage String  
PageHolder Panel  
Id Int
Video Byte
ScreenShot Byte
width Int
height Int
Length Int
Duration String
Converted Boolean
OriginalFileName String
ScreenShotSecondMark Int
Id Int
Content_Type String
Content_Id Int
Published Boolean
Removed Boolean
Highslide_Variable_String String
Rating Double
User_Id String
Title String
Description String
Component_Type String
Date_Added DateTime
Permanent_URL String
Rating_Count Int
Rating_Sum Decimal
Id Int
ThumbURL String
ExpandURL String
Content_Name String
Highslide_Type String
Id Int
MainId Int
Content_Type String
Component_Type String
Gallery_Width Int
Gallery_Height Int
Thumb_Width Int
Thumb_Height Int
Items_Per_Page Int
Span_Width Int
Span_Height Int
Show_First_And_Last Boolean
Show_Paging Boolean
Show_Searching Boolean
Show_Upload Boolean
Show_Author_Thumb Boolean
Show_Publish_Date_Thumb Boolean
Show_Rating_Thumb Boolean
Show_Author_Caption Boolean
Show_Publish_Date_Caption Boolean
Show_Rating_Caption Boolean
Show_Sharing_Caption Boolean
Show_Thumb_Info Boolean
Id Int
Image Byte
Width Int
Height Int
Width Int
Image_Content_Type String
Original_Filename String