Dynamic Menu

Any page added to the website, whether they be static pre-existing pages or dynamic pages created by DTIAdminPanel, can be added to the menu. Accessing the Page List from within DTIAdminPanel will allow a menu structure to be created. Once a DTIMenu object is placed on the page any subset of the menu structure can be displayed back to the user.

Selected Page

By setting the SelectedCss property the menu control will keep track of what page it is currently on and apply the class name in SelectedCss to the anchor tag for that page.

Menu Templates

There are a few pre-existing menu templates to choose from. In addition DTIMenu supports its own templating structure so that virturally any menu can created to further personalize the existing website.

<%@ Register Assembly="Kurkulis" Namespace="DTIAdminPanel" TagPrefix="cc1" %>
<div style="float:left; width:49%">
    <h2>Normal Menu</h2>
    <cc1:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server" Template="simple" SelectedCss="selectedanchor">
    <h2>Depth of Menu 1</h2> 
    <cc1:Menu ID="Menu3" runat="server" DepthOfMenu="1" Template="simple" SelectedCss="selectedanchor">
<div style="float:right;width:49%">
    <h2>Start Depth 1</h2>    
    <cc1:Menu ID="Menu4" runat="server" StartDepth="1" Template="simple" SelectedCss="selectedanchor">
    <h2>Select Parent Page instead of Current</h2>     
    <cc1:Menu ID="Menu2" runat="server"  Template="simple" SelectParentPage="true" SelectedCss="selectedanchor">
Type Default
DepthOfMenu Integer -1
How many leves the menu actually renders on a page
Template TemplateType nothing
Displays a pre deisinged menu sturcture
SelectedCss String selectedItem
Css Class for the currently selected tab in a menu applied to anchor tag
SelectParentPage String False
If true the Anchor tag of the parent will include the class declared in selecedCSS otherwise the class will be added to the anchor of the current page. If the current page is at the root it will be selected
StartDepth Integer -1
Overrides other options. Displays only a fixed depth of the menu from root plus a given depth.
FixedDepthtravel Integer 0
Only used for fixed depth menus. This sets the number of nodes that will be be walked to find relative nodes for display
These tables are already added as part of DTIAdminPanel
Id int
PageName varchar(400)
DTIContentManagerID int
MasterPage varchar(200)
MainID bigint
Link varchar(50)
AdminOnly bit
UsersOnly bit
PartentID int
SortOrder int
Template int
Id int
DisplayName varchar(400)
DTIDynamicPage int
ParentID int
MainID bigint
isHidden bit
SortOrder int