Edit Any Content

Any text on the page can become editable by simply wrapping it in an EditPanel.

After an admin login process, each edit panel is outlined to distinguish the dynamic editable area. Just click the edit panel and it becomes a WYSIWYG area of the same size, in place, so you can see the results immediately just as your customers would. Additionally, you can edit the HTML directly.

Each edit panel displays the default text between its tags by default, and then shows any subsequent saved data thereafter. The content is database managed, either by a SQL or mySQL database of your choosing, or a secure SQLLite database by default. All of the edit panels on a particular page query the database for their content simultaneously for enhanced performance.

Combined with DTI's other tools, you can quickly add additional edit panels to any page, on the fly, without having to touch the server.


Edit panel keeps a revision history of each save you make so changes and reverting are made easy.

Media Uploading

Edit panel supports multiple, simultaneous uploads of images and videos to be quickly inserted into your content. Upload files either from your file system or from the web in all the popular formats.

Image Management

  • Upload images in .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp
  • Rotate and crop
  • Easily navigate through your uploaded images
  • Insert an image or zoomable image to your content
  • Size your image in-place - only the scaled version is sent to the client

Video Management

  • Upload videos in .mpeg, .avi, .wmv and many others
  • choose your own still thumbnail
  • Easily navigate through your uploaded videos
  • Insert a video directly or a zoomable thumbnail that opens the movie in a dialog
  • No watermark, no Youtube
  • Size your movie in-place

<%@ register="" assembly="Kurkulis" namespace="DTIContentManagement" tagprefix="cc1">

<cc1:editpanel contenttype="overviewdemo" id="EditPanel1" runat="server">
     <strong>Click me to edit!</strong>

  Type Default
htmlEdit ckEditor.ckEditor  
Text String  
ShowCancelButton Boolean  
MediaRow dsMedia.DTIMediaManagerRow  
SaveMediaRow Boolean  

Id Int
Video Byte
ScreenShot Byte
width Int
height Int
Length Int
Duration String
Converted Boolean
OriginalFileName String
ScreenShotSecondMark Int
Id Int
Content_Type String
Content_Id Int
Published Boolean
Removed Boolean
Highslide_Variable_String String
Rating Double
User_Id String
Title String
Description String
Component_Type String
Date_Added DateTime
Permanent_URL String
Rating_Count Int
Rating_Sum Decimal
Id Int
ThumbURL String
ExpandURL String
Content_Name String
Highslide_Type String
Id Int
MainId Int
Content_Type String
Component_Type String
Gallery_Width Int
Gallery_Height Int
Thumb_Width Int
Thumb_Height Int
Items_Per_Page Int
Span_Width Int
Span_Height Int
Show_First_And_Last Boolean
Show_Paging Boolean
Show_Searching Boolean
Show_Upload Boolean
Show_Author_Thumb Boolean
Show_Publish_Date_Thumb Boolean
Show_Rating_Thumb Boolean
Show_Author_Caption Boolean
Show_Publish_Date_Caption Boolean
Show_Rating_Caption Boolean
Show_Sharing_Caption Boolean
Show_Thumb_Info Boolean
Id Int
content String
MainID Int
areaName String
DateModified Datetime
Id Int
DTIContentManagerID Int
content String
MainID Int
areaName String
DateModified DateTime
isPublished Boolean
Id Int
Image Byte
Width Int
Height Int
Width Int
Image_Content_Type String
Original_Filename String